Sort of an update on an upper I had built for me by Addax Tactical in Los Angeles, back in early 2010.

This what my upper looked like when it arrived - Vltor Mur-1 upper, with a (at the time, da' SHIZZLE of rails!) DD LiteRail 12.0, a SABRE DEFENSE 14.7 bbl, with a pinned/welded Phantom Comp (I added the BCM heavy BCG when it arrived).

Mated to a complete BCM lower with Magpul furniture, I put a spankin' new Aimpoint T-1 4moa sight on it (mounted too far forward at the time... D'oh... ), TacticalLink one point sling, Troy BUIS, and an Insight Procyon light... and it became my HD rifle!

Fast-forward to this year, and with a few modifications (T-1 2moa sight, INFORCE 700 lumen WML, XTM handstop, & Gear Sector 2pt. sling), it was still just truckin' along!

Wellll... I got it back from my local shoppe last Saturday, and we upgraded it JUST a tad...

BCM MCMR 13" M-lok rails... and it's BETTER than the prom queen NOW! Feels like it lost 5lbs in the slimdown. A few more views.

It feels so good in the hand, it's HARD to put down!