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Thread: Best binocular power hunting

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    Best binocular power hunting

    I can't decide between 8X42 and 10X42 binocular for hunting. Can you guys give me your preference and WHY? I guess most of my viewing distances will be 400 yards or less. I also do a lot of viewing in low light.
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    I use a 10X42 Leopold Acadia binoculars and mostly upper end Leopold scopes on hunting rifles. I found it pays to get upper end scopes (good glass) for clarity and low light conditions. Usually
    around 3-9 power rifle scopes for 400 yards or less shooting. Amazing what I can pickup (see) in low light conditions vs naked eye. I think on binoculars either 8 or 10X would work just fine, anything
    higher power is too hard to hold steady. Good glass is not cheap, but will make a world of difference in what you can see when light starts to fail.
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