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Thread: WTS: DD LiteRail 12.0 & DD Omega X 12.0 FSP

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    Lightbulb SOLD: DD LiteRail 12.0 & DD Omega X 12.0 FSP

    BOTH rails are SOLD!

    DD LiteRail 12.0 rail

    A rail that's in AWESOME condition, because I'm a Magpul ladder JUNKIE! EVERY single slot that DIDN'T have an accessory on it, had a ladder on it, for 9 years!!!

    Barrel nut & hex nuts included - the original box & wrench are long gone, though.

    I'll EVEN throw in the brand new XTM handstop, because a BCM MCMR just replaced THIS rail - I'm ALL M-Lok/Keymod ALL the time - this is my LAST quadrail, so the handstop goes with it.

    Daniel Defense Omega-X 12.0 FSP rails - DD10005

    HERE they are on my .22 AR (this rifle is NOT for sale - it's just shown for REFERENCE!) - protected either by stuff mounted TO them, or by Magpul ladders, because I'm a ladder junky! It primarily saw the occasional indoor range, or was otherwise safely bagged.

    Set (Allen) screws, and all railside screws are here.

    The barrel collar and Allen key for these set screws is also here.

    All the original packaging & instructions are here.

    $175 EACH DELIVERED CONUS - coming from sw PA. PP + 3% or Postal M.O. works for me, as does PM, e-mail, smoke signals, semaphore flags, & CB ch.19!
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