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Thread: St. Albans CETME needs help

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    St. Albans CETME needs help

    Hello dearest of friends. Almost 20yrs ago, I bought a CETME at a gunshow. It was love at first sight and we became fast friends and spent so many wonderful moments together. At the time, I lived near a gun range and ammo was super cheap. $149 for 1000rds delivered? Don't mind if I do.

    I fired 500rds through the CETME with no problems whatsoever and even took a few feral hogs with it. 15yrs ago I moved to the city and ever since then my CETME sat idle and tucked away in a dark corner of the house where no one ever dared go.

    Recently I've been working on my Zombie Apocalypse plan and pulled out the old CETME from its lair to make sure it was still alive. Lo and behold, it looks just as good and pristine as it always had. Even though we had spent so much time together, I knew very little about it. Not wanting our relationship to be just about the bang, I went on the darkweb and started rummaging around to learn more about my "friend"

    I learned about bolt gaps. Bolt gap you say? Don't mind if I do... what's this? zero? nothing? no gap? how? why? Rollers you say? +8? +10? I tried the handle, it has resistance immediately if you try to lift the lever. Is this normal? I'm not sure.

    If anyone can help, it's you guys. My questions are:

    1.) Am I your best friend?
    2.) What is the PROPER way to fix the bolt gap being zero?
    3.) Is it normal for the cocking lever to have resistance to open right away before the lever kicks out?

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    In your situation the proper way to fix the gap is a barrel repress. Remove everything from the barrel, remove the barrel pin, push out the barrel from the trunnion. Rotate the barrel at least 120 degrees and press it back into the trunnion to achieve a proper gap then re-pin it and put the stuff back on it.

    There are usually a lot of questions when someone pops by with your problem because wear on various parts can add up to loss of gap. However in your case you're telling me that you have zero gap and are resting on the charging handle support already. Continue firing it like that and you might start to see cracks where the cocking tube meets the receiver.

    If you want to go the long route, we'll need clear photos of your locking piece shoulder angle, the front of the window on your bolt head where the roller pushes against, a photo of the face of your bolt where it contacts the barrel, and a clear pic of the rear of the barrel face.

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