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Thread: WTS NIB SAN Swiss Arms SG751-P SAPR

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    WTS NIB SAN Swiss Arms SG751-P SAPR

    I'm selling this for an older friend of mine who is not internet savvy. This "pistol" is one of a very few imported back in 2017 by JDI Firearms (now called SAN Imports). It's in 7.62x51, has an 11" barrel, folding back up sights and a factory attached picatinny rail running the full length of the receiver. It's 100% Swiss made and readily convertible to either an SBR or a brace. It's also brand new in the case and unfired since import. In fact, today was only the third time it's even been out of the bag. Once for initial inspection, once for a picture with a couple other Swiss rifles and today for the pictures below. Today was also the first time the cleaning kit was opened and the manual (which is in German) has never been out of the bag. In some of the pictures, the finish looks wonky because I did not wipe it down; what you are seeing is just the oil it came packed in. The finish is 100%. Today was also the first time it's been disassembled. I did not do a full disassembly but I did enough so that you can see the condition and the fact that it has not been shot. The internals are slathered in Automatenfett and you'll see that in the pictures too because, again, I did not and will not wipe it down. The price is $6050 shipped to your FFL. Please be sure that your FFL will accept shipments from individuals. A copy of my friend's driver's license will be included but I'll take care of shipping it for him so that you know it will be properly packed and insured. Payment must be by either cashier's check, personal check or money order. If paying by personal check, I'll need to wait for it to clear before I ship. This is cross posted on other forums so I'll go by time stamps. As always, if you need more or better pictures, just ask but please remember, I'm not too keen on further disassembly because I simply don't want to disturb the original packing grease. Let's look at some pictures!

    Hard case:

    Opened showing the included manual, cleaning kit, 20 round magazine and spray lubricant:

    Removed from bag:

    Receiver markings showing the packing oil I mentioned above:

    Again, the finish is 100%. The streaks and splotchy marks are oil.

    Flip up rear sight:

    Front showing the front sight blade deployed and the four position gas valve:

    Gas valve removed showing the face of the gas piston and some globs and streaks of that oh so magical Swiss Automatenfett :

    Gas valve still covered in grease:

    If you decide to shoot this, make sure you clean that stuff off first. The gas sytem should always be dry for use.


    Manual in German:

    These were supposed to be imported with manuals in english but even the Swiss make mistakes now and then.

    Cleaning kit:

    Manufacturers mark inside the handguard:

    Weidmann has been making these things for a long time now. As an aside, the 751 uses a 551 handguard but they take the stock closed locking lug off because the receiver is longer on the 7.62 rifle so the male lug on the hanguard wouldn't mate up with the female plug on the stock (which is the standard stock used on the entire 55X series.)

    Inside of the aluminum lower:

    Backing plate at the rear of the receiver:

    You guessed it, the "marks" are just oil. The lower is a standard rifle lower but, being Swiss, they made a plate to cover where the stck would attach to keep it pretty. All you need to do to either SBR this or install a brace is drive out the little roll pin and the hinge pin (not seen in this picture), remove the backing plate, install the stock and replace the hinge pin. You'll also need a small tensioning washer but that should come with the stock.

    Handguards removed showing the grease coated gas tube and barrel:

    Barrel markings:

    Bottom of receiver showing the bolt and carrier in place:

    Marking on receiver rear lug:

    Bolt and carrier removed:

    Bolt face:

    In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is essentially a Swiss re-engineered AK design only precision made and worlds more accurate.

    So there you go. If you missed out on these when they were imported back in 2017 but still want one, here's a chance to rectify that. Thank you for your time!

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