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Thread: Case prep tool advice needed

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    Case prep tool advice needed

    I'm in the process of getting setup for single stage loading of rifle cartridges. Will be focusing on .308 with a little 30-06 thrown in, for now. (Who knows what the future holds) I'm no stranger to loading as I've done tons of handgun on a Dillon and shotgun ammo in MEC land, however I'm new to rifle. Looking at the options available in the market for case prep is dizzying with respect to case trimmers and various primer pocket tools. I'd like to hear from some of the members what tools they have found worthwhile.

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    A lot depends on how are you cleaning your brass to start with. I use a tumbler with water solution and the small stainless pins which do a fantastic job on rifle casings especially in the primer pocket. If you are using military brass it will most likely have the primers crimped in. After they are deprimed you have to remove the crimp to allow new primers to be inserted. You can also square up the primer pocket. How much volume do you plan on doing at any given time? I work on batches of about 200 cases when doing 30-06,308. Iíve found that the Lyman case prep kit is ideal for my needs. Comes with a deburring tool for the I.d. & o.d of the case mouth. Two case neck brushes with removable handles, and two hardened steel bits that allow you to remove the crimp from military casings in both large primer and small primer casings in addition to two bits for squaring up the bottom of the primer pockets in both size casings. These bits screw into the wood handles just like the neck brushes or they can be chucked into a hand drill for assembly line speed. These two operations only need to be done [ATTACH=CONFIG]56125 once per casing. Simple design, easy to use, inexpensive and effective. For trimming to length I use a Lee case trimmer. The case holder goes into a hand drill and the different caliber predetermined length rods get screwed into the cutting tool. A foolproof way of trimming to length in smaller batches.
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    Good advice here ↑↑↑. I have the Lee trimmers, but have since replaced them with Lyman trimmers. The Lyman tools are much more durable. If your loading for semi-autos I highly recommend the RCBS X-Dies. They will eliminate the need to trim after doing the initial case prep. Also for semi-autos a case gauge is a good idea. For primer crimp removal I use the RCBS swage die in my press. I've got a bunch of loading done this year and my wrist is happy I splurged on the Frankford 4 spindle case prep machine.


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