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Thread: To clip or not to clip?

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    To clip or not to clip?

    I did a form 1 .22lr can, and have shot it plenty and I'm pleased with it, but I keep seeing that clipping the baffles is the way to go. I don't have any fancy machinery or anything but see people using a carbide burr bit and a dremel.

    Im thinking I should leave well enough alone, but always curious if it could be better. Using a cheesy downloaded app on my phone, its saying my cans report is 75db 4in from the muzzle but inline with it.

    My setup is a 6"x1.5" all aluminum can, cone baffle stack, and its used primarily on a FVSR .22lr bolt gun. I've run this can on a charger, and while still quiet, its not as quiet as on a rifle. I've tried every ammo I can get my hands on to include Eley match but it no kidding likes the cheap Rem Subsonic. Fine with me, as groups are usually inside 1/2" at 50yds with a flier 1-2" outside the group every 8th or 10th round.

    So, my question is....should I mess with it? Does anyone have experience, before and after clipping?

    FWIW im not a mall ninja, I live out in the country and can shoot whatever I want with little regard to noise, but it's fun to shoot off my back porch while the wife naps and not wearing ear pro.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    As much as I hate to direct traffic away from is a wealth of information for form1 cans. The point of clipping is to further disrupt laminer flow and you have like 6 different types commonly used to choose from. Dont get too hung up on chasing decibel numbers and have fun with it.

    As far as equipment needed, you can make a jig to hold the cones out of wood if you wanted to. A guy on the above mentioned forum 3d prints a "jig" that sits over the end of the cone and you just file/dremel/cut it to the mark and away you go. If you sucessfully created a form 1 can and havnt had a baff strike from it out the gate, you can easily clip the cones.
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    I appreciate the scoop. I'll check that guy out. I'm happy with it as is, just curious more than anything if I'm missing a big deal and all. The suppressor for me is more of a novelty thing, I'm not gonna be one of those guys with dozens of them on several hosts or anything. All good info man, thanks.

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