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Thread: Cofederate Cannons I built

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    No never made it there. Lots of places I would like to go though. Always wanted to go to Knob Creek. We do have a smaller version of Knob Creek here, but really no Comparison.

    We do have some small Civil War reenactments here in the SE Corner of Ne and NW Missouri. Going to get to those someday I hope. They pale in comparison also to larger ones elsewhere. What can I say, kinda boring around here. Seems alot of our History is getting forgotten and even distorted. Sad

    It gets a little annoying sometimes. But whenever I pull in the gas station or a Store. People have to come and see my Hughes and ask about. I really enjoy when the Kids like to look at it and ask questions. I give them a short little History lesson that hopefully sparks a little interest in our History anyway.

    I have even had Women at the Stores come and ask to look at it. Usually no Hot young ones though. Do not tell my Wife I even said that though..LOL
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