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Thread: 6.5x50 Japanese Reload Data (Type 38)

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    6.5x50 Japanese Reload Data (Type 38)

    I recently purchased a Type 38 rifle and was planning to reload for it. Considering the potential for bulged cases, is it okay to neck size only considering it is a bolt action rifle and not work the brass so much? Does anyone by chance have any reloading date to share? I plan on using 120-140 grain bullets with medium to medium slow burning powders. I do load for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Swede and figured the powder charges are close to each other. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
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    I always neck size for my bolt guns. First thing you need to do is shoot a couple and compare the measurements of the fired cases to unfired ones and see where you're at. If you can't find a neck sizing die you can try setting the FL die down until it just starts to bump back the shoulder. For load data, try the powder maker website. Hodgdon lists a few loads in the bullet range you listed.

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