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Thread: WTS: Lee 350 Legend Die Set, Trim Gauge, Collet Crimp Die, Bullets, Brass

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    SPF:WTS-Lee 350 Legend Die Set, Trim Gauge, Collet Crimp Die, Bullets, Brass

    Hello, I have for sale a Lee .350 Legend 3-die set. This set includes a full length resizing die, expander die, bullet seating die, and shell holder. Excellent condition. Also included is a Lee collet crimp die, case trim gauge. Along with the dies I'm including 140pcs of Hornady 170gr SP bullets, 80pcs 147gr Hornady HP bullets, 110pcs of Winchester 180gr PP bullets, and 215pcs of Winchester brass cases. 100.00 Shipped... PM or email for any questions. ***Please Note: Cross Posted...Thanks.






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