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Thread: Stolen items in Nashville area

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    Bad news... It takes a sorry individual to steal from another.

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    Man that sucks. All that kind of stuff is invaluable when needed. PAX

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    Quote Originally Posted by holescreek View Post
    Any way to make the image large enough to read?
    Dang, that is weird, the pic was fullpage on my computer pulled directly from Oleg's post. At any rate, it's identical to EN's list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma Nostra View Post
    Also silvera, itís possible that it will end up being someone different that I know, but I highly doubt it. Iím generous enough with my friends who fall on hard times that I donít expect most would do this BAD of a job stealing from me. And they would take the GOOD stuff in there. He took stuff I care about for personal reasons but missed higher dollar stuff.
    I had a similar incident happen when I moved one time...lots of boxes that contained gun smith tools and parts were randomly grabbed out of the trailer I was using to move and im sure they probably dumped the stuff when they figured it wasn't readily saleable...didn't know what they were grabbing

    as far as someone you might know...I go on the theory of he said to he and he to he and he to them and so it could be not a direct friend but a friend of a friend of an friend.....who was looking for guns and took what they could find....

    in any case I wish you luck recovering any thing
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    Go to the local pawn shops yourself and look for the missing items. Also check fb marketplace, CL and ebay. Buddy had a left handed benelli shotgun and a pair of zeiss binoculars stolen from his truck. He was an idiot for leaving them in the truck overnight and even a bigger idiot for not making sure his truck doors were locked. Did have the serial number of the missing items though. About 6-8 months after reporting them stolen he was contacted by a detective who was finally looking at the case. Small town and no way are they backlogged by 6 months, more likely the case got lost in the shuffle and only came to light when trying to close it. Been about 15 years and the shotgun hasn't popped up yet.

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    I don't know how other places do it but the Dayton Police department has one of it's detectives assigned to pawn duty. Every day the pawn shops inside the city limits send them a list of everything they took in and the detective cross checks it against a list of stolen items. Since the Pawn shops must get the ID from every person selling or pawning an item it makes it simple to find the rest of the stuff.

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