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Thread: Some Good Fishing

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    Some Good Fishing

    Been mild winter and fish in pond are in great shape, good variety as unusual. Been having fun with family members coming on down with young ones. Kids are
    never bored and us adults are busy helping them (LOL). My pup (Floki) loves the commotion too
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    Nice! Looks like Floki is ready and willing to help pull them in. Lol
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    66 here today, but the Ohio River is 35 degrees, and most ponds & lakes are about the same. Too cold still, to fish with anything other than dynamite.

    Your kids look like they're having fun, though!
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    Good Fun there I bet.

    Nebraska has Nebraska weather. But made it out to the River Sunday. It was 73 degrees. Caught 5 Walleye. Only two were legal, but should be tasty from the cold water. Today it snowed and was cold of course,LOL

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