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Thread: PILE O' parts!!! (Slings, mounts, BUIS, etc.)

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    Lightbulb WTS: PILE O' parts!!! (Slings, mounts, BUIS, etc.)

    Stuff I'm trying to move - may as well give y'all a whack at it!

    Blue Force Gear UDC Padded Bungee Single Point Sling - QD connector. NiB. $82.95 from BFG - $70 DELIVERED CONUS

    [strikethrough] Gear Sector GS-2P adjustable sling - lightly used, one range trip. Has two (2) GS-2100 HK clip adapters with it, so it's READY to go! $78 combo new, $50 DELIVERED CONUS[/strikethrough] SOLD

    Bren 805 factory charging handle. New take-off - it's in the KNS package that THEIR handle came in. Replaced before it ever went in the safe. $30 DELIVERED CONUS.

    REAL Benelli M1 Super 90 factory fore end. NO, this is NOT an M2 (look closely!), but a REAL M-1! Take-off from a safe queen. $50 DELIVERED CONUS.

    Midwest Industries folding BUIS. Spankin' new, and still in the SEALED packaging! Ordered them when I couldn't find any others - now I don't need them. $150 DELIVERED CONUS.

    Aimpoint T-1/T-2/H-1/H-2 (may fit others - tried it on my SPARC, and it fit that, too!) bikini optic covers - three (3) total.$15 EACH delivered CONUS.

    Viking Tactical VTAC light mount, FDE. NOT pictured, but the insert/reducer comes WITH it (I just found it in a desk drawer, thankfully!). $25 delivered CONUS.

    ADDING another Gear Sector GS-2P adjustable sling. Has two (2) GS-23XX QD adapters & READY to go! $86 combo new, $55 DELIVERED CONUS


    In sw PA for reference - Cash, Postal M.O. or Papyal (you pay the fees), works for me! PM's & e-mails answered.
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