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Thread: Old 44-40 reloads be wary

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    Old 44-40 reloads be wary

    Of the ammo my mom gave me were 50 rounds of 44-40 reloads. The box was marked 6.5gr Universal. I pulled one apart and the black and brown powder weighed 6.3gr. I pulled the rest of the ammo apart and tumble polished the brass. Inspecting it showed three cases still pretty rough, so I decided to put them in my Colt New Service and pop the primers. I wanted to know if they were still good after 2 hours of polishing. Only two would chamber, so I pulled the trigger on the first one and it popped. And the cylinder was locked in place. I set the gun down and dug through my mind for how the Colt worked. I didn't want to break something I couldn't replace. Eventually the data percolated up and I recalled the hammer was rebounding and the firing pin was mounted in the frame. So I took a rubber hammer and tapped the cylinder 4-5 times and it swung open. The cases fell out. Tried the second case. Every thing smooth as before. Cylinder locked. Rubber hammered it open and the case fell out. The primers had a real deep FP strike and the primer cup had flowed up a bit, jamming the cylinder against the frame.

    I ran the rest if the cases through the resizing die to get rid of the primers and make sure they would fit in the cylinder, then put them away. I crimped the three bad ones and tossed them into my brass recycling box. I figure they were made in the late 70's or so. I read about being wary of other peoples reloads and have my own story now.

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    Yeah. Unknown reloads are a crapshoot. Not worth the risk. Some of my own reloads have been a problem for that matter.

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