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Thread: CETME mag loader cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdk1968 View Post
    so you have to load a mag loader to load a mag?

    that just seems like extra work?

    or maybe you guys just have a shitload more mags to load?

    got lula mag loaders for ar's & ak's... but you dont load them to load them, its more of a direct operation.

    the whole purpose of using a mag loader and stripper clips is to make loading a magazine quick and easy without having to do it by hand when you're at the range. and you don't have to take a $hit load of mags to the range , just 3 or 4. I like to use my time on the range to shoot, not to take that time to tediously load mags by hand or use some lever gizmo. ZIP ZIP and in just a few seconds I have a mag loaded and read to shoot

    as for loading a stripper clip, I do that while watching TV or listening to music, so it's not that huge of a deal, then I put them in a ammo can. then when I go to the range I just grab what I think I will need to shoot.

    the other big plus about loading ammo on stripper clips, you can get a lot more rounds in a can then you would if it was in boxes and it makes for a small footprint.

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