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Thread: Accurizing C308 CETME - Process over time

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    Nothing technical to add, but those are impressive groupings.

    I haven't even had my Cetme out of the safe in a few years. Life got in the way for a time, blah, blah, blah

    This inspires me to get it out, dust it off and start fine tuning mine. Those groups are nice but my "battle trigger" needs alot of work

    Thanks OP, and Holes
    I thought the g3 barrel was free floated, by the charging handle?
    I love you guys...

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    The Cetme, being the guinea pig for the design, uses the triple to support the cocking tube and hangs the handguard from the top of the barrel. The G3 cocking tube narrows at the end so that it shouldn't contact the triple, and the handguard hanger is also suspended from the c-tube. So technically the barrel is free floated as long as it all remains where it belongs.

    Many have talked about welding a pic rail the full length of the receiver and c-tube but I've not seen it done anywhere. A downward locking cocking handle is required (not a problem) but getting the gaps filled between the rail and the tube would be a challenge. With the right jig to hold it all in position It might not be that hard to do, but it's already a heavy rifle.

    If you chopped off the excess length (about 4") off the c-tube like I did with my pistol build below, it would be more rigid and simpler to do the pic rail mod.

    finished right small.jpg

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