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Thread: Accurizing C308 CETME - Process over time

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    Went back to the range yesterday with some buddies. We messed around mostly with pistols at first, but the main event was 200 yards with precision rifles.
    Given that I still don't have a good way to attach a bipod, I was shooting off of a Nylon sack full of empty cartridge boxes and a rolled-up jacket.

    Initially I couldn't hit the broad side of the barn with either the wood or resin foregrip on any of the ammunition I brought. This was obviously quite upsetting. Except once the barrel started to get fouled, I noticed my 168gr ammunition went *right* back to shooting 2/3 MOA groups.

    The reason this is interesting is because my 4-5MOA groups with the bipod attached earlier were also done using a clean barrel.

    This weekend's 200 yard group using the very interesting and surprisingly hot new PMC X-TAC 168gr match-grade ammunition:

    aug 16 200y subMOA group.jpg

    I do feel like it's entirely practical to get the gun under 1/2MOA with an actual support of some kind, a little more practice, and maybe a well-developed handload. As of right now I'm confident calling this a reliable 2/3MOA gun though, which is... Surprising, to say the least. This is not what I expected when I paid $569.99 for a Century Arms rifle sight unseen on the internet.

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    Another amusing story.
    I got a hunch that maybe it was dumb to trust that CAI knows to use fresh mainsprings in their guns and ordered a fresh one for like $8 along with parts to do a blind pin pin paddle release installation for another ~12.

    I think it was a good call, as the new spring is *substantially* stiffer. I predict this will reduce the gun battering the buffer, thereby reducing felt recoil. PROBABLY also have a marked effect on how chewed-up the brass is and how far it gets spat out.

    I'm also predicting a similar effect in improving consistency to the 40-degree wedge due to the increased forward pressure on the bolt.

    Every day I thank my lucky stars that whichever chimpanzee at Century assembled this seemed to only goof-up on the stuff that I haven't been able to repair.
    Next stop? Installing the paddle mag release.

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    I did a buffer study recently using both my Cetme pistol (10.5" barrel) and a standard Cetme with an original barrel. I thought I'd posted it here but maybe not. None of my recoil springs are new, just used kit springs. In the test I made buffer posts with many different lengths to see how far back the carrier came after firing and measured the distances. I even used different locking piece angles in the tests.

    I'd have to look up the data again, but I can tell you that if you have a standard 50 degree LP and a good locking lever spring in your carrier, the back of your carrier will never touch the post on your buffer. Using 40 ~45 degree LP's reduces the movement of the carrier even more.

    if you want to do a quick/cheap test for yourself get a sheet of aluminum foil and roll it into a loosely packed ball about 1" in diameter and place it between the recoil spring guide and the buffer post in your stock. Reassemble the rifle and fire one shot. Remove the now flattened aluminum and measure it's thickness, then measure the length of your buffer post. If the foil is thicker than the length of the buffer post, the carrier was that far away from the post. The study was part of investigating the usefulness of heavy buffers. My findings told me that they are a waste of money.

    In short, instead of your rifle recoiling less, you may find that it now has more forward momentum due to the bolt closing faster than before (with the new spring). In my high speed videos you can see how much the rifle moves forward when the bolt slams home. One of the reasons I like this platform is that there are so many things I can learn from studying it. Keep doing what you're doing! It becomes addictive after awhile.
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