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Thread: Loaded firearms in your safe?

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    I had a happy accident when I was younger involving a negligent discharge. Put the fear of God in me in an unbelievably convenient way. Nobody was hurt, no visible property damage, no witnesses and no evidence. Well past the statute of limitations now. Every time I pick up a firearm now it's guaranteed to be safe because it's always loaded until I've personally determined otherwise, because all I can think of is how much different things would have been if one little thing had changed in how that incident went down.
    So yes. I store certain things loaded in my safes. My home defense pistol is loaded in the fingerprint safe under my bed, my shotgun stays loaded in the safe, my pistol magazines mostly stay loaded, except for the Tokarev mags because they're old and I'm doubtful about the spring quality and longevity.

    I don;t store loaded rifle magazines in the safe because they're bulky and limit how neatly I can stack firearms in there without cramming things in.

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    My 1911's are stored cocked & locked. If I NEED one, I want it ready to go.

    Rifles are stored with loaded mags, but NO round chambered. Ditto my shotgun.
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