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Thread: Remington-UMC US Army 1911 1918 Production

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    Remington-UMC US Army 1911 1918 Production

    Here for your perusal is WWI Remington UMC .45ACP US Army Model 1911 pistol serial number 3345 which was shipped in October 28 1918 serial number range 511-4657 per report "Serial Numbers of .45 Colt Automatic Pistols Manufactured Under Contract # P4537-3338Sa, Remington Arms-UMC to Major Lee O. Wright, Ord. Dept. USA, July 26, 1923. Remington UMC received two contracts to produce 500,000 Model 1911s during WWI but the contract was cancelled after the Armistice was signed on 11 November 1918 and Remington-UMC delivered 21,677 through May 1919. Anyone know if additional shipping information such as receiving organization/unit etc is available?
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    Well done sir, a very nice UMC. The nearest book to me has the same info you shared. I'll do a little digging in the bookcase and see what I find.
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    Very nice 1911. The info on shipping you already have is probably the end of the paper trail for it. No further shipping records were maintained for them once received by the gaining officer, as far as I know.
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    Very nice!

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    is that a A2 trigger in a A1 pistol?

    i think so...
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