Looking for information on Swedish Mauser cleaning rod thread pitch (roughly speaking 8 x 32) I stumbled across a Yugoslavian 8mm cleaning kit. It had four parts and matched four parts I had, but I had mistaken them for English and Russian parts. So they are now correctly ID'd and together again.

Century old cleaning rod parts can be so full of rock hard dried gunk one might think the maker had not finished the part, as in only one thread. A small drill bit can prove differently when hand turned into the female end of the offending rod. I figured the Swedes would not have goofed up on them and was right.

I have started making lists of spare gun parts so I'll quit trying to rely on my memory and keep ordering duplicate parts that won't get used until around 2100 or so.

Newly made replacement parts from Numrich should be bought only if absolutely no other source can be found.

Comparing prices on 20 - 30 different websites can save significant money, and I'm retired.

I still really really like this forum and the people on it.