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Thread: To all my friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonleathal View Post
    happy new year to everyone.

    funny story, 2019 i went a little overboard on the gun buying. so i made a resolution, no new guns in 2020.... then the pandemic hit. made keeping that resolution almost too easy.
    So it's your fault, thanks..... J/K
    Happy new year everyone, hopefully this one will be better than the last.
    If not, it's better than the alternative.

    Good luck
    I love you guys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by holescreek View Post
    Wife and I were watching a movie and about 12:15 we heard three three-round-bursts of automatic rifle fire. I paused the movie and as I was passing by her she said "Oh yeah, it's the new year". Is it bad that I was immediately jealous of the person with an automatic weapon?
    It happens every year around where I live. You can get away with auto fire New Years and the Forth of July it seems, no questions asked it is just part of the fireworks. If the neighbors hear it two or three months from now you get a visit from the PoPo.
    For those who fought for it, freedom holds a flavor the protected will never know. Those who hammer their guns into plows-will plow for those who do not. Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwo4uscgret View Post
    Here's hoping that the new year will bring us all prosperity, good health, and peace.

    If necessary though aim for center mass with 2 rounds and 1 to the head...that should stop the bad guy!
    thank you & same to you & yours!
    say what you mean & mean what you say!
    TEC Tactical=SOT/07 i work there.

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    Happy New Year!


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    Happy New Year
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    Happy New Year

    The Best to Everyone this New Year! Last year ended badly for me and looking forward to recovering from it and and getting back to my old activities. Seem like we are stuck in a rut
    of crappy weather for the last month so looking forward to some warmer sunny days and some fun time outside when it warms up. It will be an interesting year with the political changes
    and no doubt we will see an assault on many of our gun rights. Oh, I am kind of short on Grandkids and thought those days had passed, but just got a call from my 41 year old daughter
    in San Diego, CA, and they are expecting their first child (son) in Mar of this year (Wow).
    Occam's razor, the simplest explanation will be the most plausible

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