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Thread: Bought The Story The Rifle was Cheap

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    Bought The Story The Rifle was Cheap

    Hi Collector Types,

    I don't know if I've posted these before, but here's some poor picts of my undocumented SKS bring back.
    I bought the story, the rifle was cheap, cheaper than the going rate at the time.

    The scoop I got was from the Nam vet's widow. He had passed recently and she just wanted his crap gone. All she said as I headed out the door was: "He brought it back from over there". I didn't press for any details, as there was a marked sense of urgency to vacate the premises. Didn't know the folks personally, but there looked to be tension about.

    The rifle's stock, TG, mag, receiver cover, and bolt match, the bolt carrier doesn't. It's in the 7 million range, '62/'63? It had a saggy bayo that I swapped but have since put the original back. Lots of wear at the muzzle, and it shoots really crappy. And of course no import stamp for what ever that's worth.

    I think I only had about 5 or 6 SKSs when at the time I picked this one up, and was I still pretty green about the platform. It and an FN49 were the last Kali Cash & Carry guns I bought.
    It looks the part, and for me it's the real deal, as I won't be parting with anymore SKSs anytime soon. PAX

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    I saw it on Calguns.
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