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Thread: KP-44 Pistol build

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    KP-44 Pistol build

    I haven't had much interest in sub guns in the past but got bored one day (over a year ago) and pulled a KP-44 parts kit out if the pile and started trying to figure it out. At first glance the build seemed straight forward enough, then I started looking for good build information and hit a brick wall. I got serious about blueprinting some of the pieces during the Covid shutdown and got the receiver parts welded up. A few weeks ago I decided I'd either finish it up or box up the parts and get them off the bench for good, and needed a fire control group. I decided to use modified AK parts to save some time. I started by removing 1/4" from the center of an AK hammer then welding the two pieces back together to shorten it to fit then scanned the hammer, trigger and disconnector into CAD to determine how to position them so they'd function for this use.



    I found that the receiver wasn't deep enough for the offset of the trigger so I cut the grip and trigger guard off, built an extension on the bottom of the receiver and then reattached them. This also allowed me to move the grip further forward towards the magazine which improved the balance a little bit. I just finished the safety lever tonight and snapped a pic of the gun in the rough. I still need to sandblast everything, clean and paint.

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    that should be a great set up & have plenty of oomph to run it.
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    Pretty creative solution. Nice work as always.
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