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Thread: Mags for sale

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    Mags for sale

    I have a few extra HI cap mags to sell.
    No returns or exchange, they are sold "AS IS",
    I will not ship to states or cities it is not allowed.
    Please know your state and local laws.
    Shipping is not included in the price for the lower 48 states.
    I will not ship to Alaska or HI ( It has been a hassle for some reason)
    Post "I want it" and what you are wanting, then send me a PM and I will send you my address to send the USPS money order.
    I only will take a USPS money order ( get it at the US post office.)

    #1 China made AK, 30 round mag, (7.62 X 39) I have 6 sets of 2 to sell. $ 50 for 1 set of 2 mags. All sold pending funds

    #2 China made AK, 30 round mag, (.223) I have 6 to sell, $100 for 1 mag

    #3 G3 mags, 20 round, (308) I have 10 sets of 8 to sell, $40 for 1 set of 8 mags,

    #4 China made AK 40 round mag, (7.62 X39 ) I have 5 to sell, $100 for 1 mag

    Shipping is $15.00 per order
    Thank You
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