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Thread: What is the proper rest or mechanical stop for the Op Rod when in battery?

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    Did you figure this out? Just got my gun out of the safe, one thing right off..... my god, that thing is heavy!! been a while since I handled a "real" battle rifle. No wonder they thought he M16 was a toy.

    Anyway the op-rod bottoms out on the gas piston, there is no way there could be a gap when holding it upright because the piston drops down and touches the op rod, now if you hold it upside-down (muzzle towards the deck) there could be a gap cause the piston would slide towards the plug, but it shouldn't be, it should remain in contact. The bolt roller does not take the force of the op rod closing. if your action is closed, you should be able to move your bolt back and forth ever so slightly and if you look at the gap between the op-rod cutout and the roller you will se it has room to move. I also seem to remember from back in the day when you screw the gas plug in, you should watch the piston push back slightly on the op-rod, maybe like 1/4 turn, not much, but you want contact, if not as the gun cycles it would mushroom the face of the op-rod or piston.
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    The roller isn't the main mechanical stop for the action.......the bolt body locking in battery in the receiver is & these two parts are the ones under stress.......the roller assembly does transfer the rearward force from the op-rod handle to the bolt when cycling the action under gas pressure after a shot........the recoil spring cycles the bolt & op-rod foward to load the next round.......when cycling forward the force on the roller is the accelerated mass of the op-rod plus friction, etc..

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