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Thread: Got my DPM back from SMG

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    I finally got a chance to test fire my SMG DPM. While just a function test the mags I had loaded with bulgy silver tip (copper washed case) seemed to short stroke many times, but I then tried mags full of Czech silver tip (green steel case) and it ran like a top, no issues at all.

    I'm guessing the Bulgy copper case silver tip may well would have worked fine had I turned up the gas pressure. But that said the Czech silver tip ran great so I'm leaving it there for now....glad I bought lots of cheap 54R 20 years ago to try out.

    Next will be an accuracy test... wasn't able to get pics or video because I was alone. But so far very impressed with the job SMG did on building my DPM kit I got from RTG. Trigger was much better than expected for this type of gun as well along with rate of fire which was awesome.

    Though it was a long wait from SMG (over 6 months) their work was outstanding and the gun looks just like it did when first made and runs great. I have a few "MG's" converted to semi (1919, MG42, etc) and I think this is my favorite to shoot so far. The SMG conversion is not cheap but IMO is well worth it.

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    I had some short stroking issues with my first build even with the gas port at max. I gave the booster flash hider offered by SMG and it cured the problem. Not a hiccup ever since no matter the ammo used. On my second build I just went ahead with the booster from the start and it ran right off the bat with no problems. You might want to go with one if ammo variations keep being a problem. Just a thought.

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