I have an FN FAL rifle that I assembled from an StG58 parts kit many years ago on an Imbel GL receiver. I have accumulated a bunch of kind of generic FAL pieces, and every so often I will "remodel" it into a G1, a "standard" metric FAL, or a Rhodesian tribute rifle with no sling hardware or carry handle or bipod and with a Halbeck Device and a grenade launcher gas plug and ladder sight.

It is currently wearing an FN flash hider and recoil enhancer, but I also have a long spigot grenade launcher cum flashider that, I think, came with the StG58 kit.

For now I've reinstalled the bipod and metal handguards, ditched the grenade launcher gas plug and ladder sight and replaced them with the normal gas plug, and reinstalled the sling hardware. I also figured out that a "mystery" sling that I had in the "Rubbermade Tub of Gun Junk" is actually a German leather G1 sling, so I put that on for good measure.

My question is this: What muzzle device is appropriate for a G1? FN, Austrian spigot, or what?