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Thread: Best time of the year

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    I cleaned up my beard and got a haircut finally to the approval of my wife. I prefer having it for beating through the brush and keeping the wind of my face. But I don't have a lot of looks to rely on, so I figure if it keeps Heather around, it's probably best to cut it. Haha.

    Four kids is plenty for us. It is certainly hectic with all four in school and trying sports, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. They've become great sidekicks to share the outdoors with.
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    You have some outdoor skills! Really nice post with story and some great photos. I really enjoyed it!!
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    ah yes the joys of multiple kids playing multiple sports on different levels, on traveling teams ........ i remember those never ending trips.

    wouldnt trade those times for anything in the world. Also glad those days are over though. LMAO
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