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Thread: What types of black powder creates the most pressure?

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    What types of black powder creates the most pressure?

    What types of black powder creates the most pressure? Is Pyrodex is good substitute for black powder. Anyone have any experience with this.

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    Black powder is segregated by grain size, the smaller the grain or granule the faster it burns. Hodgedon put out a substitute, as well as pyrodex, both seem to work well. Both still require the same cleaning process after a shooting session. Both had printend literature as to compatibility and loading data. Reading up on these, and black powder and it's uses will keep ya busy a while. Whole n other world of fun w loading techniques. And it gets more so depending upon application, ie cartridge loading w bp, or muzzle loaders, revolvers, shotguns.. enjoy the reading.

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    Personally I have never noticed a difference, now that is just shooting I don't have any telemetry or computer testing devices.
    I love you guys...

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    I watched a video comparison of prodex and black powder, using a cap and ball revolver. Shooting the pyrodex the revolver stopped working in less than 15 loadings. The black powder was used in the same gun and they gave up trying to get the revolver to even start to slow down, much less stop. Take that for what it's worth. I don't shoot that much in any of my black power cartridge guns, which also don't have the blow back that cap and ball pistols do. The substitutes don't have as much smoke and I don't like their smell. Just me.

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