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Thread: When Hunger gets real!!

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    Exclamation When Hunger gets real!!

    Speaking of imaginary exploding food processing plants & hyperinflation!!! From today's Survivalblog!

    When Hunger Happens, by The Domesticated Ranger

    SurvivalBlog Contributor June 15, 2022

    When The Schumer Hits The Fan (WTSHTF) and food becomes very scarce, it wonít take very long before people find themselves quite literally starving. And I donít mean ďstarvingĒ the way that teenagers say it! To a teenager, they think they are starving if itís been more than three hours since theyíve eaten a significant meal.
    When I refer to starvation, I mean that the body has consumed all of its stores of fat and is now consuming its own muscle mass for energy.
    I have been there.
    Back in 1995, I was a student in the US Armyís Ranger School, at Fort Benning, Georgia. This was ó and still is ó an incredibly tough course. Ranger School is an intense small unit patrolling, tactics, and leadership course, that lasts 62 grueling days. The drop-out rate is quite high, especially for those who cycle through the course during winter months. For many of the weeks in that 62 days, you get perhaps two hours of sleep in a 24-hour period, and very little food. There are tough weather conditions, agonizing physical challenges, plenty of running around in soaking-wet uniforms, and so forth. Earning the coveted Ranger Tab is not easy!
    Being very trim to begin with, it wasnít long before what little body fat I had was gone.
    And I was hungry!
    The Peanut Butter Packet Incident
    One particular incident stands out in my memories of Ranger Scool: I had a peanut butter packet in my pocket that I saved from a Meal, Ready-To-Eat (MRE), and was planning to sneak it when there were no instructors around. It was big trouble if you were caught eating anything at all unless you were in a patrol base with security established and priorities of work completed.
    Chow and sleep were on the very bottom of the list of priorities of patrolling work, and rarely did you get the time where you could eat in peace.
    So I was really looking forward to that MRE peanut butter when I reached into my pocket to get it out.
    And it wasnít there.
    Panic immediately ensued!
    I turned and ran back down the trail I was on to search for the missing peanut butter. As I came into a small clearing, there was another Ranger student who was just standing back up after bending down to pick up my dropped peanut butter.
    When I told him it was mine, he explained that he was just thanking the Lord for providing him with this food.
    Now, Iím a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, with a strong faith. So, this guyís statement would normally resonate with me.
    But I was hungry. Like, stupid hungry. And I wanted, nay, I NEEDED, that peanut butter.
    So here were two believers, two Christians, standing in a clearing ready to fight over a little packet of peanut butter.
    All because of significant hunger.
    Consider Hunger In The Near Future
    Now, consider that situation and then imagine how people will be when they have loved ones that are quite literally starving, with no fat on their bones and very little muscle mass left.
    Imagine what you would do if your own little children have bloated bellies from acute malnourishment.
    Imagine the love of your life with cheekbones so prominent that her face looks skeletal.
    Imagine the strong man you vowed to spend the rest of your life with reduced to struggling just to stand up because there just isnít anything left in his body to burn for energy.
    Now imagine your neighbors dealing with those same issues in their homes.
    And then imagine how they would react if they think you have food.
    At first, they ask nicely for help. They just need a little of your extra food. Thatís all. Just until things get better.
    Then, they get angry because you arenít sharing enough with them. Why do you have to be so stingy when you obviously have plenty to eat? I mean, just look at you. You arenít starving at all, they say.
    Very soon, they stop asking and start demanding that you give them your food. You have some, and they need some, but you donít want to give it up. They are thinking to themselves: Your selfishness will make others around you die. Quit trying to play God!
    And then, it gets dangerous.
    Bad dangerous.
    They get killiní hungry. They get killiní mad. They get killiní desperate.
    Desperation borne of extreme hunger will drive normally good, loving, and generous people to become dangerous, unpredictable creatures that are a significant threat to your safety, who will be ready and willing to kill in order to feed their families.
    Be very aware of that.
    Remember that most people donít have much of a stockpile of food at all, so it wonít take long for them to go through whatever food is on their shelves and then their bodies begin consuming themselves for energy in a real SHTF situation.
    True Desperation
    Thatís when dangerous levels of desperation begin to develop.
    Desperate people are dangerous people.
    By the way, I walked away from that clearing with my peanut butter back in my pocket and I ate it all shortly afterward. The other guy got nothing.
    Itís not something that I am proud of, but it serves to illustrate the premise that desperation borne of hunger can drive decent folks to become people that they never thought they could become.
    Desperation can often drive someone hard enough to produce a victory in a difficult situation, especially when that desperation is paired with a sense of ďThat belongs Ė or at the very least, should belong Ė to ME!Ē
    If TSHTF, you need to be prepared to protect your clan because the threats wonít just be people getting mad at you and deciding to not be friends with you anymore. The threat will be grievous bodily harm to you and your loved ones so that the unprepared can steal what was yours.
    Hunger can turn good people into desperate people, and desperate people are dangerous people. Hunger-driven desperation can cause people to feel that you are the enemy because you have what they need and you wonít surrender your stores to them.
    They will justify to themselves whatever actions they take in order to secure for themselves the food and supplies that you have stockpiled over a long period of time.
    In their minds, itís all morally acceptable since they plan to take supplies for their own unprepared families from a terrible hoarding monster who wonít share his supplies with everyone and doesnít care if they suffer and die slow, horrible deaths of starvation.
    That very real possibility strongly suggests that you keep your preps very secret. And if you are a hopelessly charitable person (not that thereís anything wrong with thatÖ) you should consider keeping the bulk of your stockpile safely hidden away, and then keep a second not-so-secret stash of supplies to share with them, or let them ďsteal,Ē knowing that desperate people could very well demand to forcibly search your house for any food that you have, and when that not-so-hidden stash of food is gone, and they see that your cupboard is bare, youíll be able to at least temporarily avoid any more desperation confrontations.
    Ultimately, when it becomes evident that you arenít wasting away like those around you that are unprepared, there will probably come a time when youíll still have to defend what is yours, but you will be much stronger physically, and much more able to think clearly than the starving mobs.
    Starvation robs the mind as well as the body. The brain doesnít function very well when it lacks nutrients, so a fed brain is a clear brain.
    Youíll be clear-minded while the mob is slogging through a muddy fog in their brains due to malnourishment. The advantage will belong to you.
    Survival doesnít tend to be pretty, and it comes with plenty of hard choices that have to be made. But we prepare for hard times so that we can survive when life gets very hard, and we must be ready to deal with hungry, desperate, dangerous people that failed to prepare and whose only plan of survival is to take from those who did.
    Be Ready to repel boarders!!!
    We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other. - John Adams, 2nd U.S. President -

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    My wife and I will defend what is ours to our last breath. That said:

    I decided a long time ago that no child will ever leave my door hungry. The adults can fend for themselves. The adults had all the same opportunities to prep as I did. My one and only offer to an adult will be along the lines of; ďI need a latrine dug in my backyard. When youíre done Iíll have a can of beans for you.Ē

    Iím old and my wife not quite as old but, weíre both Navy so weíre used to standing 8 on, 8 off watches. No one will catch us unarmed or unaware.

    " And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that his people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms."
    -- Thomas Jefferson, letter to Col. William S. Smith, 1787

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