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Thread: Barrel Threading Kit for Rent

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    Money sent for AK rental

    Hi Wild Bill:

    Money is being sent today for the AK kit.


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    Wild Bill

    I would like to rent the kit for threading an AK muzzle. I need to get an address and name to send the MO and personal check to. Thanks.


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    My local class 3 guy doesn't recommend this type of threading for suppressor use because the cans are much longer than a flash hider or break and the bullet might touch the inside of the can. If a can is damaged supposedly the mfg can repair it and also he says you can't buy parts for one, only a new one complete so that's his story. This came from me wanting to get the yh adapters to use a 308 can on 223 rifles and I had used this procedure to thread a mini 14 223, at the time for different breaks to try. We tried a yh flash hider on the mini 14 and the threads were still tapered as I never finished the threads because I didn't have anything I wanted to use on the gun and just left it covered up with the slip on flash hider that covered the threads. He said I needed to remove the barrel and let him rethread it, I said I would just close the die up till the yh fh fit good and use a rod to see if the bore was true to the fh, that's when he said the can was much longer and the bullet might touch. I said a 308 can has a lot more room for a 223 and left the conversation at that. Also he says the yh flashiders use a 90 degree surface to butt up against on the barrel to create a straight mount that doesn't rely on the threads being tight and perfectly straight. The threaded barrel will have a undercut at the end of the threads where this shoulder is on the barrel. The yh adapters don't use a crush washer to tighten up. Just thought I would add this for those thinking later they might want to upgrade to a can.

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