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Thread: WTS UZI Topcover with scope mount

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    WTS UZI Topcover with scope mount *SPF*

    Military surplus UZI SMG topcover with scope rail mounted by gunsmith M60Joe. Ratcheting topcover with ratchet removed for use on semi auto UZI (ratchet parts included). Scope rail works great with red dot scopes. Standard cocking knob, which gave me no trouble cocking with scope mounted, though M60Joe makes a side cocking knob which some prefer. Original military parkerized finish sprayed with semi gloss black alumahyde II looks great.
    I put about 150 rounds through my UZI with this set up, and it worked great.
    $90 shipped CONUS (less than it would cost to have M60Joe make one for you). Prefer US Postal money order.
    *SPF* as of 10/28 (on UZItalk)
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