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Thread: New AR carbine

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    New AR carbine

    Here is my new AR Carbine. It is assembled from a Bushmaster Patrol Carbine upper and a DPMS lower. I have yet to test it out as it is 4 degrees F and I am not going out to the range until it gets up to at least 40 deg. I plan to use mostly open sights with this short range carbine as I have a Bushmaster Stainless Varmint Rifle with optics for long range work.

    However, I did pick up a Burris short magnum fixed 4 power scope and a Smith Enterprise carry handle mount that should work out well as an option. I also have a Simmons red dot that I will try out. Now where is Perro's poodle?
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    sweet! Mine's got green furniture, but that's about the only difference. My flash suppressor is different, too. I love it. Little tack driving sonofagun. Wow, it looks so new and clean... I bet you can't wait to get it dirty.
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    Very nice! I love my carbine. Glad I live in Florida this time of year! I don't go out to shoot below 55 F!

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    Sweet ! You'll enjoy it. I love mine. Of course I love all my weapons.

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    Very nice looking AR15, be sure to tell us how it works for you.

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