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Thread: Indian 7.62 Warning

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    All I shoot through in my Hk 91 is Indian ammo.......Just kidding

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    I thought this article on the Polytech M14 was a bit one-sided since the guy used Indian ammo (didn't say the date) to do his accuracy results...

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    In those moments where you're not quite sure if the undead are really dead, dead, don't get all stingy with your bullets.

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    Thanks for the warning! Information is just that it informs and the receiver can decide to heed or not-


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    Just hooked up with you guys at this forum. As per my usual procedure, I cruise through the stickys of the various topics. I almost never look in the ammo threads because I don't reload (yet). I was caught totally off guard by the Indian ammo warning. Didn't know of, and hadn't heard about the catastophic failures. I've got 800rds bandolered on strippers, all with a head stamp "OFV 74 7.62 M80" the QC tag in both the ammo boxes says "L566.B". None of this Lot has been shot. I HAD another 500rds in plastic bags labeled "7.62 NATO M80 MADE IN INDIA" with a head stamp "KF 91 7.62B". 250rds I put through a SAR8, 50rds through a Spanish Mauser. It shot very good in both weapons. I bought the ammo about 5 years ago, and it was the last of the NATO bulk that an FFL had left. I vaguely remember him saying that there had been some issues with Indian ammo, but the bad stuff was gone. Now I just feel lucky, but I know that the FFL would have called me, if other guys he had sold to, experienced any problems. We've done business in the past. Looks like it's going to be used for emergency zombie attack only.

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    Good post and now I understand why not to use any Indian ammo. Heck, my bolt action .308s were quite expensive so I wouldn't want to take a chance on using this dangerous ammo in them either. I'll stick to other surplus for certain.

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    ive never used any of it myself as well i read about that in shotgun news yrs ago about the indian 7.62 ammo. so ive shyed away from it every since that one rifle bet scared hell outta whoever pulled the trigger that day.Wont even make it into my Cetme. A bad day at range is what got me into handloading my own ammo for most my firearms now , i know whats going in it that way.A ny surplus ammo is a risk i just can not afford i do not own 5 of each rifle .i load all my own for most,the sks i have. I mostly use tula in it, i shy away from wolf, i had 1 round of wolf the bullet never made it out of barrel in my ak, was the end of my wolf shooting days and immediatley went to handloading.i hear little piff sound when primer was struck and i knew i never saw a round hit the back drop dirt, Good thing i stopped and checked i had a full 30 rounder ready to blast at rapid pace first 1 went piff i was oh boy,its in my junk pile pull bullets pile i can reuse the bullets at least.
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