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Thread: CAI ground bolt

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    CAI ground bolt

    Growl. I believe that I have a CAI ground bolt head... I really like this particular rifle and would like to keep it. Is the reason that the bolt was ground due to the barrel being pressed in to an incorrect depth? Or something more dire like a mis-welded trunnion?
    If it just a mis-pressed barrel what would it take to re-press the barrel to the correct position and get a replacement original bolt head? It can't be that hard to press a barrel as people have to do it to build kits, right?

    P.S. - With the new series of CETME being made by CAI do we know if they learned from their past mistakes?

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    the first thing you need to do is to replace the bolt head. without that, you'll never know what your real bolt gap is or if the barrel needs to be repressed.

    if your gap is too low after replacing the bolt head, then you might try replacing the rollers with +2s or +4s and/or replacing the locking piece.
    the only time you'd need to repress your barrel is if you still can't get adequate gap after replacing the bolt head/rollers/locking piece.

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