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Thread: How can I tell if my reciever is cast, or stamped?

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    How can I tell if my reciever is cast, or stamped?

    I am new to these rifles, and am curious.
    The reason I ask is someone made notice in my thread, and I have no idea how to check.

    I searched cast recievers, but only found for builds....
    Thanks in advance.

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    I guess the easyest way to tell them apart, other than knowing what a casting looks like compared to a stamping, is the stamped will be welded along the lower seam infront of the mag well and under the front of the receiver. The cast century receiver will be almost identical but the top of the receiver has the block to lock the HK scope mount to the receiver(atleast the centuries omited this peice, others have them).

    If you look at the pic below, the guide rails are enclosed on the cast receiver, on the century they are open on the ends. You on the stamped also see the difference in the pin holes on the stock too.

    There is a second cast receiver out there, its thicker and made from aluminum and pins the trunion to the receiver rather than welding it. Its useally marked FAC or federal arms, but there were some springfield armory made ones too. Its totaly different than the other two, with a weaver scope rail running on top of the receiver, these were made for home builds for the most part.

    I will try to find some pics.

    Heres a cast receiver from century, from the great page of Mwdg3,

    The second is a cast fac reciever, again from Mwdg3 page

    The third is the bottom of a welded stamped receivers showing the welds
    again from Mwdg3 page.
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    Ok thanks. Mine is definately cast. No longitudinal welds on the reciever. Trigger group is stamped.

    This is really informative forum guys. thanks for all the info.

    I REALLY got LUCKY with this one it seems. I may just hang on to it after all.

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    the easiest way for me to tell is the rear sight.
    on the stamped model, the rear sight is welded onto the receiver at the four corners of the sight base
    on the Century cast model, the rear sight is integral to the receiver

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