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Thread: P38 - me & springs

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    P38 - me & springs

    Full moon? I got Wolff recoil springs for my Walther P38, just a precaution since I don't know how old the ones that came with gun are. "Simple to replace." Yeah. I'm not a klutz, but enough force was needed to get the old ones out that one was ruined. "Reassemble in the reverse order." Not a chance, I had to invent a way to get the new springs in. Required three hands and four tools.

    But then!!

    The barrel/slide won't go back on! This was a slick pistol before the spring change. The slide goes on and fully retracts just fine, so it's not the springs. I finally figured the barrel was not fully retracting with the slide to the release point where they separated. But I can't see why. Finally I put it back together and whapped the barrel with a big rubber mallet. Twice. That releases the slide and I can rotate the lock back in place. I drop the slide release and everything slams home. I can work the slide normally if I am firm with it, but not if I go easy on it. I can see some shooting is in order to smooth whatever is binding back to normal.

    I really hate when something simple, isn't, and I don't know why.

    I love my CZ75.

    Venting over.

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    My CZ75 is the BEST pistol I own. still has some P38 spares kits for around $90.00. All of the original springs and a lot more including a nice unmarked slide. Great if you want to get rig of that one you get from a P38 clone kind of deal.


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