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Thread: Anyone built a suomi?

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    This is SWEET, I might start wacken and hacken on mine now. SWEET dummy gun TURBO. Me and my Crew call the short slant muzzle model the HOG NOSE FINN.
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    I was planning on building a Soumi, but after adding up all the cost of the receiver and other parts I found it would be cheaper to buy one complete from Centerfire. They are $599 for a complete semi auto rifle. I like to build things, but it seems like too big of a job for the little ammount of free time that I have.

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    Yes, I've found that the only real gun build that is cheaper to build yourself (provided you have all of the tools and hardware to disassemble/assemble and prep/finish parts) is the AK.

    My Pps 43 will cost much more than the foolks that are selling the pistol builds.

    Luckily, I'm not building to save $$$ on buying, I'm building because I like building.

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    same here....

    i build because we can and i like it....

    although back in the early days it was cheaper to build them than now...

    and on topic:

    my first Soumi was around $500 to build.. did this last one for $390..

    yes you can buy them now for $399 cause they aint selling well and they will be stopping them soon.

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