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Thread: barrel pressing question

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    barrel pressing question

    SOooooooooo........Iv'e been slowly collecting parts for a G3 build and I've come upon a stumper.......I sold my original barrel and trunnion and whole front end really, and bought a PTR91 18" bull(ish) barrel instead. I'm going to grab a psg trunnion and need to figure out how i'm going to press the barrel in. I don't have a hyd press.......does nyone know where I can get this done? Will a bottle jack in a welded up frame work?

    so far

    G3 flat bent.
    Us made barrel and front sight ordered
    Us made buttstock and forearm ordered
    Us made PG ordered
    reciever stiff. rails ordored

    I'm skimping on a fancy stock and PG for now and putting money into a good barrel and trunnion plus trigger work. the slap on stuff can come later. looking to build more of a MSG90-ish clone than a PSG, I want my irons. If anything at least a slighly more accurate G3 is my goal.

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    Bottle neck jack in a frame will work. Wheres the trunion from?

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