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Thread: Chinese M37 shotgun???

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    Chinese M37 shotgun???

    I ran across a Chinese made M37 shotgun that has a synthetic stock and heatshield. No Norinco markings. It kind of looks like a trench shotgun. Are they decent? About what are they worth in about 90% condition (would be 95 but the trigger got the end broken off somehow). I have to give the man an answer soon letting him know if I am buying it or not. Any info is appreciated.

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    They were selling at the gun shows around here for about $139 two years ago. Used to see piles of them, but not as many, lately. There is also a chinese 870 clone.
    Both get pretty high marks from those who own them, and dissed by the "chinese crap sucks" crowd.
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    i have one and i really like it. i have only fired it 3 times and it functioned very well. the fit and finish is good on mine.
    when i was a dealer i sold a lot of these and never had any complaints on them.
    if it has broken parts, i would find out how they got broke. i have seen these for $130 to $150 new in the box at the gun shows. unless you can get for around $75 or $80 i would just go to a gun show and buy one NIB. then you will know it has not been abused or messed with. ( buying parts for a gun is usually not cheap) i am always suspect of guns that have any broken parts on them and only buy them as a parts guns.

    good luck...............

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