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Thread: Chamber Adaptors .308, .30-06, .303 to .32ACP

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    i think an adapter to shoot rocks out of a 12 gauge would be awsome!
    have cnc mills, will work for food.

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    Want to have some fun? empty the shot out of your 12 gauge shell, then pack it full as you can with Aluminum foil. Then pack foil about half way down the barrel, and voila! Your own radar-messer-upper chaff gun! Not recommended for anything but a break-open shotgun. The foil disperses upon exiting the barrel, has NO momentum to it, so there's no danger of hitting something downrange. It just flies out, hits air, disperses into a brief, beautiful metalic cloud that vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Of course, you will be picking up tiny strips of foil out of your yard for some time, but with the right lighting and a quick trigger finger on a camera, you can have your very own nebula in your yard for a split second.

    I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
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    I like it, I may get one for my Enfield. I'd have to see the prices of .32 ACP first and here about how they work.

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    Well there was granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, and she used rock salt to shoot almost everyone.
    Still building bigger and better bombs for your brighter tommrows(aw heck and takeing them apart and demilling them for that tommrow too)

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    Rocks in a 12ga. Hilarius, but ummm not me, I've old marbles adapters to shoot 45 colt In a 12 ga, none of the adapter make a semi work. Turns em into a manually operated repeater. Tokarev in 30 mauser works if extractor fits extractor cut in broom handles, in a tokarev pistol mauser works fine too. In adapters if it fits it'll be fine. 7.62x39 in 308 shoots well. But take note, there's quite a bit less recoil. .32 acp in any calibre rifle via adapter appropriate is like shooting cb caps in a 73 winchester in 22 short! You'll feel hammer fall nit recoul!

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