I have been wanting a genuine german made MP-5 parts kit for a while, and I am willing to trade some parts, 2 parts kits and some ca$h money to one.. I have a really nice 1928a1 thompson parts kit, some HK 33 furniture (wide handguard, buttstock) and some cash to trade up to an MP-5 kit. The thompson kit and all furniture I have are in very good condition although the HK furniture I have *does* show some wear and use but is otherwise good to go. The thompson parts kit is complete, has a very good barrel with strong rifling and cutts compensator, and includes an auto ordnance marked demilled receiver. The demilled receiver itself was cut in a way that preserved the markings/patent information but didnt exactly preserve the blish lock . A person could easily take other demilled thompson receiver scraps and combine them with the receiver pieces I have to form a 100% receiver for a legal semi or class 3 build. I have lots of pics of the thompson kit and HK furniture if you are interested. If you want pics, drop me an email at and I'll send you all the pics you want.

Also, on the thompson kit - the internal parts show no wear, no sign of use what so ever, and no rust, crud or corrosion and are in very good ++ condition. All parts are included less a 100% receiver. The receiver stub is still attatched to the barrel also.

ETA: PPS-43 kit is included in this deal... I'm offering a PPS-43 kit, a thompson kit with demilled receiver, HK-33 furniture and ca$h money for an MP5 kit...

If you are interested in making a trade with me, let me know either on here by PM or by emailing me at the above address.