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Thread: Hunting Deer & My way out of the woods...

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    Hunting Deer & My way out of the woods...

    Now, I knew exactly how to get back to the road when the sun came up in Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area, yesterday morning. I had never been in that part of the WMA before, but I knew that all I had to do was go straight back up the hill and I would find my cousin, and the road.

    Problem is I saw what looked like a healthy 6-pointer, so I stalked him for a while. I couldn't get close enough, however, as the leaves on the ground were nice and crunchy, so I had to move slow and deliberately, while that little bastard just pranced his happy ass through the forest at whatever pace he chose. Every time I would plot an intercepting cource, he would change course and I would have to get moving if I wanted to stay on him. Finally I plotted a course that I knew would bring him close enough for a bow shot. I eased around a big holly bush, and hid under a leaning oak tree with good line of sight.

    Problem is I couldn't see the deer. I could HEAR him, but he was out of sight. I waited, and He got further away. The little bastard had changed direction on me again. I tried to sneak toward where I could hear him, but he was moving faster than I could move quietly and I lost him.
    When I looked up to get my bearings, I realized that I didn't know where in the hell I was. I was on top of a hill, so going uphill was out the door. I had followed that buck for an hour and a half, so I was nowhere near where I had started, and I was lost. I picked a direction, hoping that east would work. It didn't. I ended up on the back of someone's property, and what looked to be about sixty years back in time. I got the hell out of there, circling counter clockwise around a large hill that I saw to my north. I hooted really loud. (An old trick my family still uses to find each other in the woods.) I didn't hear my cousin hoot back, so I knew I was too damned far away. I kept circling the hill.

    Obviously, I made it back to the road, or I wouldn't be writing this right now. The moral of the story is this: Knowing which way to go and knowing which particular direction that actually is are two different things. The second, it turns out, is the more important of the two. I needed to go west.
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    Glad you made it out( as the sound of banjo's play in the background)

    But really, I have never been "lost" just misplaced, the last time I went hunting, I took a walk and thought I knew where I was going, "the road is just over that hill" well it was over that hill, but also over about three more.

    I knew where to go, just didn't realize how far away it was.

    Get a GPS if you like to wander.

    BTW great job stalking that deer, even trying and not getting anything is better then just sitting in a stand and waiting for them too walk under you.
    Or worse, baiting them..... Unless your talking about hunting for food, then anything goes.
    I love you guys...

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    Thats funny happened to me in Colorado 5 years ago while bow hunting ELK. I called in a bull with my hoochie mama cow call and then played tag with him for two hours until I finally arrowed him at dusk. It started snowing and got dark and my hand held GPS decided it didn't like me anymore and died for ever. I spent the night a very cold night but hey I ate a piece of back strap and finished cleaning the bull by fire light and the next awoke to clear blue skies. Climbed to the top of a ridge got my bearings and the rest is history. Stuff like that makes it fun.
    Brew I hope you get back there and get that sucker.


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    Sounds like a good hunt. Buck 1, Brew 0. Maybe next time you even the score.
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    Go west, young man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBillCody View Post
    BTW great job stalking that deer, even trying and not getting anything is better then just sitting in a stand and waiting for them too walk under you.
    Or worse, baiting them..... Unless your talking about hunting for food, then anything goes.
    So true. Although in South Texas around Carizo Springs, its kind of hard to stalk a deer. You either have to crawl around behind cactus and get thorns in your arse, or become really skinny like a mesquite tree.

    I do agree that hunting should be HUNTING though. Theres nothing better than walking down a creek bed hiding behind an old rotting log and seeing a monster walk around the corner.

    Although If I need some meat in the freezer, by God I will sit in a nice cozy 20 ft. tall deer stand in a office chair and put corn in the road and pick the fattest doe out the 50-100 I see in the roads.

    Texas Wildlife Management has said we have too many deer on our lease so they issued us game tags, and now we get to kill 200 doe and 100 trash bucks! SCORE! I'll be eating great!
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