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Thread: Military& Police Handgun Pic Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwo4uscgret View Post
    Smith and Wesson M&P .45 acp from the East Hartford (CT) Police Department:
    Nice! Love the Police markings on it! Where did you get it?

    I just bought 2 Police S&W M&P .40's from PSA. 1 for my son and 1 for me. I put the .357 SIG barrel in mine. No Police marking though. The mag in mine has a sharpie police number. Lol




    14EH AIT Instructor-PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

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    Some of my Classic pistols

    I love classic pistols!!!

    1911 .45ACP, Star MS .45ACP, S&W 5906, CZ75 9mm, HP35 9mm, Star BS 9mm, Walter PP 7,65, Walter PPK .380, Beretta M951 9mm.

    My Star Collection: Model 1932 9 Largo, Model A 9 Largo, Model BS 9mm, Model P .45ACP, Model MS 45ACP, Model MS 9mm Kit.

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    Nice collection W, thanks for sharing.

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    We still doing this?
    'Cuz I have a few.

    My 1943 Webley Mk. IV in "War Finish". Still trying to determine if the nickel plating is original. Needs some TLC but it's super cool. Was a gift from a dear friend of the family after my dad and I brought over and set up his favorite pinball game as a bit of a gesture of support for him a few months after his wife passed away. I've wanted one of these since I was 12 and my two greatest heroes were Jean-Luc Picard and Indiana Jones, but Picard wasn't into revolvers. I got a little emotional when he gave it to me, it was really special. They say never meet your heroes, but honestly? Aside from some minor mechanical issues given the firearm's advanced age, it's every bit as cool as 12-year-old me thought it was when Indy used it. And 1943 production date means that it was legit made to kill NAZIs which makes it that much cooler.

    My Israeli police surplus IMI Jericho 941F. Came with the factory "custom" option single-action trigger. The most intuitively pointable, supernaturally well-balanced firearm on the planet. I used to believe the CZ75 had the best ergonomics of any fighting pistol out there, but I believe this is *slightly* better. Acquired as a result of a *bizarre* string of circumstances that, were I a bit more superstitious of a man, would have me believe I didn't choose it, it chose me. It was... It was weird. It was this 5-month-long string of me *really* wanting it, because, again... Spike Spiegel had one. Yes, I'm a dork. Fight me. CLassic had the surplus ones in stock, there was a lot of hot contention over the quality and condition of the guns. Some of the ones people were showing? I'd be leery about firing them. But every time something would put a bug up my ass about getting one, I'd force myself to behave like a fiscally responsible adult and not spend the money on things that weren't in the budget. Then my car insurance went down. Okay, I figured, this is a test. I'm going to put this extra money into the principle on my mortgage because I can adult. I'm a grown ass man. Then I got a sizeable Visa gift card from work because they felt bad about a ridiculous string of last-second new hires and a huge ticket load while we were short staffed. And Responsible Redtail decided to use it to offset the cost of groceries. Then just before we got some severe weather, I replaced a windowpane for my neighbor that she'd broken by accident. I've always told her that I never charge for work but I accept tips, because she's a salty, misanthropic kermudgeon like me and it's fun to have a beer or two with her on the weekends and complain about the world together and the implication is always "Get me a six pack if you're happy with my quality of work".
    A couple days later I found an envelope in my mailbox with about $300 bucks and a letter talking about how her family is scattered across the world and that it's nice knowing she has neighbors to pull her car out of the mud, fix her windows, replace her stuck water filter.

    I'm not a spiritual man, but I believe that when it becomes that obvious that someone is sending you a message, you listen.
    I bought the pistol that night and the next day they were out of stock for good. I legitimately did not have the opportunity to buy one of the nice blued ones they got in the next year and I'm convinced that I never would have had the old IMI version if I had not done it when I did.

    And it gets better. The barrel looks unfired, the trigger components have almost no wear, there's a little bit of pitting on the finish because it was from early 90's Israel and that's just how things work. I've got about 1,500 rounds of ammunition of wildly varied quality levels and projectile shapes through it, it is my most accurate and reliable pistol so far. The only malfunction it's ever had was an induced malfunction when I was using it to teach my mother how to shoot a semiauto and I told her to loosen her grip with her right hand and take up the slack with her left so she would stop pulling shots to the left. She interpreted this to mean "Let both your wrists go totally slack" and it stovepiped.
    If the sky was falling down, and I had to walk out my front door and know I would never come back, and could only take what I could carry on my person? That's the firearm I'd bring with me.

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    This is my wife's grandfather's pistol ( we has a doughboy in France ).

    A 38 special Model 1905 M&P mfg around 1908?
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    Impressive handgun collection! I'm in love with the beretta. Do you own any special pistol scopes?

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