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  1. Disturbing Email, The official MFA UN Treaty thread
  2. Project Gunrunner update
  3. Sell out your allies, Chapter 2.
  4. Marxism in America
  5. Politics Section is open
  6. Question for vets old and young alike
  7. TSA searches 95yr old woman
  8. texas fighting words
  9. China and Vietnam heating up
  10. Written by an Australian Dentist
  11. San Francisco bridge Made in China
  12. The anti Gunnies are getting desperate.
  13. Legalize pot ?
  14. Is the UN worthless ?
  15. Gaza bound ships sabotaged ?
  16. July 4
  17. Gunrunner guns turn up in US crimes
  18. UN wants Texas death sentence commuted
  19. new govt. programs for people over 50.
  20. Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California
  21. The Arabs Arenít Happy?
  22. Political Section Ground Rules
  23. The "Dream Act" imo, a Very Good Idea (with slight modifications)
  24. Raising the U.S. Debt Limit
  25. Mexican lawmakers want extradition for gunrunners
  26. Doctors and patients
  27. White House salaries soar
  28. ATF Border Gun Control?
  29. Where they stand
  30. Guess China aint the number one folks we owe money too!!
  31. Loosing Government Bids to China
  32. Entitlement???"
  33. Hope and Change
  34. DEA joins in Gunwalker
  35. Florida/Kentucky Welfare?
  36. ron paul
  37. I ran across this
  38. 2012 what's going to happen ?
  39. The fight begins for Hawaii...
  40. Really? Congress needs a raise???????????
  41. Obama and the Vets
  42. 25 million to Libya's neighbors
  43. It's not two years for 7 cent robbery, it's called armed assault and battery stupid
  44. Trifecta
  45. Facebook Libtards Post
  46. just looked at the clock ( 9/11 thread)
  47. Military Voting
  48. Five best sentences!!
  49. Next week's scandal ?
  50. WTH Over?
  51. Why I like Eric Holder
  52. Iran ships in Atlantic
  53. Obama vs Sheriff Joe
  54. 2 questions
  55. Will SHE run for Prez ?
  56. extension of the current presidential term
  57. Ron Paul - Reasons I will not vote for you
  58. Perry and troops in Mexico
  59. Ted Nugent speaks
  60. All President Obama's records sealed ?
  61. Church and state
  62. President Obama's czars
  63. Michelle Obamaís warning to gun owners
  64. mexican trucks allowed to enter u.s.
  65. That new, painful era of self reliance
  66. We'll never get ahead like this
  67. Northern border security scaled back
  68. The Time Has Come to Fire Eric Holder--NRA launches ad campaign
  69. GE helping China ?
  70. Rep. Curtis Bowers" Grinding America Down"
  71. Why Gingrich Could Win
  72. Obama,Holder on southbound guns
  73. It is with deep regret
  74. 157 Majors to be terminated without benefits
  75. President out late
  76. Hey Gunny, Why don't You Tell Us how You REALLY Feel?
  77. Horsemeat
  78. Bono praises Bush,shocks Stewart
  79. Cain suspends campaign
  80. The 2011 Hawaii Vacation
  81. Holder may be gone now,Official Eric Holder thread
  82. Watch List Criteria ?
  83. Which GOP candidate are you supporting (Poll)
  84. If you are for Romney, Read this
  85. Let's pull out of Washington DC
  86. Really, in these times is this a good idea?
  87. We can't win
  88. The new Cold War
  89. how can anybody be against a missile defence shield
  90. Arms for Iraq?
  91. Federal Judge orders D.C. to pay $1,137,072 in firearms suit
  92. Snow cone machines = National Security, unbelieveable!!
  93. Obama shares missile secrets ?
  94. A fine column
  95. Interesting quote from DeMint
  96. New Commemorative Pistol
  97. In serious serious need of a vacation!!!!!
  98. Bill to strip American citizenship?
  99. Which GOP candidate are you supporting (Poll) - UPDATED w/ REMAINING PEOPLE
  100. Why vote ?
  101. How to caption this
  102. Obama's Constituents - Read the t-shirts
  103. My favorite presidential candidate!!!
  104. President takes Iran's side
  105. Illegals crossing border
  106. I Always Liked Reagan's Optimism
  107. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton talks with the NRA
  108. Here's the thing about Romney....
  109. AG Holder: DOJ Won't Defend a Challenge to DOMA
  110. President Obama and combat pay
  111. Been reading about Obama's "budget"
  112. The judge's last 5 minutes
  113. Just what we need or a potential disaster?
  114. North Korea allows U.N Inspectors
  115. Poll: NOW which GOP Candidate are you supporting?
  116. Hr347
  117. Israel bribed ?
  118. President's fleet grows
  119. Rough day at the White House
  120. Blagojevich's Last Day of Freedom
  121. Endless government regulations!
  122. Lunchroom economics. (Real costs of min wage)
  123. POTUS answer to high gas prices - attack the producers.
  124. National Defense Executive Order
  125. Everything moving in one direction
  126. What is Chu chewing ??
  127. cover of Marine times
  128. Feds need no probable cause to store data on citizens
  129. Vets and private insurance.
  130. Whoops, Obama caught on open mike saying after the election he will---
  131. Elephants Down Under
  132. Obama's sealed records
  133. It Bush's fault!!
  134. Voter ID "humor"
  135. You gotta be Effin kidding me...
  136. What if the Government rejects the Constitution
  137. Straight out of the horse's mouth
  138. Former President Fox calling to end the war on drugs
  139. Barney Frank's comments
  140. OFR stirs Orwellian Fears
  141. THE.....Fast and Furious book
  142. I never thought I'd see the likes of this
  143. The battle of Athens Tenn.
  145. Justice Elena Kagan to Go Hunting (for real, I think)
  146. "FORWARD" Obama's 2012 campaign slogan
  147. Reagan knew the future.
  148. New gun restriction coming from obama & hilary
  149. Teacher tells student he can be arrested for criticizing POTUS
  150. Counter-Facts?
  151. ONLY....in America
  152. Correct in NC
  153. About time
  154. Stuxnet virus - developed and deployed by U.S. Government?
  155. US wants more access to Viet Nam harbor
  156. Camels for Obama,hens for Hillary
  157. EPA gives different answers on drones
  158. Immunity to younger immigrants
  159. I saw this and was speechless.
  160. Jimmy Carter Against Some Of Obama's Actions
  161. My New Bumper Sticker
  162. No wonder tricare expected to go up
  163. Appointment if Supreme Court Juistices
  164. Stolen Valor Act --- The Supreme Court Keeps Rolling Out The Hits
  165. Pot calls the kettle black
  166. Raising Taxes on Incomes over $250 k ????
  167. Immigration Department News
  168. 20 faint during Obama speech
  169. HR 4646: Tax on Financial Transactions; Rumor and Truth
  170. More of Obama's Vote-Buying: Gutting Welfare Reform
  171. More of Romney's Vote-Buying: Gutting Corporate Welfare Reform
  172. History Lesson: Why Most Black Americans Vote Democrat
  173. Fix the vote starts
  174. Obama's 2nd Term
  175. Stupid politicians never give up!
  176. Happy Birthday, Post 9/11 GI Bill!!
  177. Media Bias: Equal Negativity
  178. NDAA - More Stink With Less Coverage
  179. Difference between Texas and Kalifornia
  180. Paul Ryan,,,, Somethings you might want to know.
  181. Ya just gotta love Debbie...
  182. Chicago Teachers' Union Strike, and Dick Morris' Views
  183. Test Your Political Compass
  184. Gun Sales Hinge on Obama Re-Election
  185. The word 'Dhimmitude" is found in the new health care bill; so what does it mean?
  186. I'm part of the 47% who pay no income tax, and I'm voting for Romney
  187. High school band celebrates Soviet Revolution at half time
  188. Please give your support!!
  189. Great Ad
  190. Funny campaign stuff!
  191. Ralph Nader Says Obama is a War Criminal
  192. MSNBC caught in another big video gaffe
  193. Oct 3rd Debate
  194. Funny Debate Video
  195. "The Unhappy Liberal" -- Insightful Commentary by Arkansas Writer
  196. Has it begun?
  197. Threats to assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins
  198. WH told it was a Terror Attack in Libya
  199. Vote Nov. 6th!
  200. Thank you obamacare!
  201. If enough Dems feel like this,Obama is in big trouble!
  202. Obamacare and Jobs Reports
  203. I am so sick of the political commericals...
  204. Guns/ammo activity level
  205. Mayor Bloomberg rabid anti-gun advocate - New Yorkers trying to defend themselves
  206. Tomorrow is the Big Day!
  207. I like this analogy...
  208. Black Panthers at Polling Places
  209. Obama Mural At Philly Voting Station
  210. It is over and done with--
  211. Puerto Rico 51st state?
  212. Dick Morris was SOOO Wrong--He Apologizes, and Explains...
  213. LIFE IS NOT OVER: Focus on These:
  214. Never will I buy a Union made product or Service
  215. Give US A Break >>>>>>>>>>>PLease
  216. Test 123
  217. White Supremecist vrs Clown Rally
  218. John McCain a wimp ???????
  219. Putting your money where your mouth is
  220. Where businesses sent their dollars on the election!
  221. US loans Asia 6 billion for clean energy
  222. Our retirement plans
  223. Russian article by Pravda(truth) Obama's Soviet mistake
  224. You got to laugh at some of this stuff
  225. Just like clockwork
  226. Red State-Blue State, North-South or Urban-Rural?
  227. Obama's dismantling of American might has worldwide repercussions
  228. Liberty - Michigan Legislature gives final approval to right-to-work limiting unions,
  229. Hilliary
  230. Question about if other Assault Weapons Ban comes
  231. Bill Cliinton may join with Feinstein on gun bill
  232. Obama gives fed employees raises
  233. Awesome video, a must share
  234. Why the GOP wonít challenge vote fraud
  235. Hillary Clinton hospitalized with bloodclots in her brain...
  236. Politics Back in the Stream
  237. Got to love it!!!
  238. The view from a woman member here............
  239. Have to love it!
  240. Another Angle on Obamacare ?
  241. Biden Embraces Beltway Insider Role With Eye on 2016
  242. Group formed to promote Obama agenda
  243. Grab Grab legislation introduced in Hawaii 1/18/13
  244. Beaufort NC, my hat is off for y'all.
  245. Centcom chief Mattis out
  246. NEWSMAX Poll On AWB
  247. great story by esquire
  248. Creepy 40 years of Roe Vs. Wade Commercial
  249. Red vs Blue states charity generousity
  250. Federal court rules Obama violated the Constitution.