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Thread: Ammo Pouches/Belts

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    Ammo Pouches/Belts

    What do ya'll use for totin' mags around in the field?

    I would love to have Rhodesian chest pouch. The FALFiles guy who makes and sells his are priced above my budget right now. How about a BAR belt? My guess is the pouches be too big for FAL mags?
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    Eagle M14 Chest rig (2 mags per pocket) has Molle all over it. You can get one cheaper from 7.62 tactical (he's on eBay). he does semi custom work for a really good price.
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    A lot of people, myself included are partial to the South African (SADF) pattern 70 belts and pouches. They also have a nice shoulder bag that also has 2 pouches on the side (4 mags total). The belt alone carries 8 spare mags on the back fanny pack. Double mag belt pouches can be had fairly cheep. Rick Reich is out of belt pouches last I heard (7 bucks each?). Write him, he may try to get more. But there are other sources. Google can be your friend. Find originals. There are cheap "chinese" reproduction gear on the market. The sage green with greyish green metal bits and sage green material should be original. Black and/or chrome snaps and D rings and green material are fakes. Though I don't mind the fake shoulder bags.

    With patience you can find the belts on auction sites. As a matter of fact theres one on gunbroker right now: (not my auction just helping out. )

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