Anyone here have any recent experience with this sight? Last posts I could find were several years old.
I took the plunge and bought one, have to get it mounted and taken out to the range.
Bought it from Optics Planet, had a coupon for 5% off so saved a little from the 239.00 cost.

Seems the prices are all the same from several vendors.

Thought about the other red dot sights, but close to 500.00 for a sight that will spend more time in safe than on range is silly. Read several online reviews from other places and this one rates out as decent for the price.

Will get some pics up and posted in the next few days, sight is small, I got the 8 MOA version, so once it is installed and tested I will have a better idea if this is the sight for me. Normally would not consider one of these, but eyes are getting older and does have the "cool" factor.

Was well packed, and shipped quick, and lifetime warranty helps.