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Thread: Replica G36 Handle Optic works!

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    Replica G36 Handle Optic works!

    Hey guys, I got myself a TommyBuilt G36 (in my case the 12.5" T36k) and while it doesn't come w/ the carry handle optic, I didn't want to spend the $1K (a used one at that) for the Hensoldt carry handle optics. So what did I do, I went and got a knock-off/airsoft one. Did it work? YES it did. There were no modifications to sliding it over the rails and the replica is actually polymer and not the cheapo plastic that cracks. On top of that, it zero-ed in. I will periodically report back to let everyone know how it holds zero but I don't see any issues at this time. It's not like I'll be intentionally dropping it or knocking it around or submerging it in water. Yes, I know the gun itself is pricey but for some reason I can not bring myself to spending so much for optics. The replica optic handle (in 3.5x) was only $45! The particular one I got also has a picatinny rail on top to mount a red dot which I'll probably do eventually. I will admit that I had another one just before it (the version that had a built-in red dot) and the scope ran out of adjustments (Closest to zero was still about 2" right of POA) and I just returned that one. I realize QC is the biggest issue w/ knock-offs and when there's an issue, who do you go to for servicing?? But for the $45 I spent on mine, it's a range-toy. And above all, after 40 rounds down range @ 100 yds, I was hitting my 8" plate consistently in roughly a 2.5-2.75" MOA.
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