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Thread: Switching to ACOGS, Favor Request

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    Switching to ACOGS, Favor Request

    Hey everyone,

    Ive been getting back into my weapons tinkering a bit, in my *copious* spare time... And I have decided generally to move away from my EOTECH's and towards ACOGs.


    1. I like the magnification because my eyesight is sub optimal, so that little bit of boost can make a big difference.
    2. I have a mini ACOG, 1.5x, and its really comfortable, just a little small on the window of visibility for me. Good on my subguns, currently its sitting on the MP5 SBR, but it just feels off on the full sized or SBR'd rifles.
    3. I dislike going through batteries, or not being able to store stuff and get it out and it instantly work. CR123's get pricey fast, even if you go off-brands or bulk buys, and even dry-fire drills are burning money. The ACOG wouldn't have additional cost of ownership, beyond mild cleaning that any optic needs at times.

    That said, I still like the field of view on my EOTECHs, and will probably keep them around for a while, though I realized I wasn't as happy with them when I noticed during inventory that I had loaned two that had not been mated to rifles out to friends, for over a year each at this point, and had not really missed them or their use...

    Side note, no, I dont have too many weapons or optics...

    That said, while I am asking around to see if anyone can get me a decent deal on some fresh optics, they really are not in the budget right now unless a magnificant deal comes along.

    I have narrowed it to two, for specific weapons.

    For my Sig 556, I am leaning to either a TA11F or a TA11-C-100238. Simple, straight forward, or a little extra fancy with the RMR.

    For my Ares MCR Belt Fed, I am leaning to a TA11MGO-M249 or TA11SDO-CP, both designed for weapons which put out a little higher rate of fire. Since the MCR is basically designed as a M249 replacement concept, I figured I would keep the theme going. Alternatively if I just get an amazing deal on the TA11F or something for this one too, well, life goes on and consistent reticles is a nice thing.

    I picked the 3.5x35 for the higher eye relief and greater field of view. Not quite as zoomy, but still much better than my MK1 eyeballs.

    Since I am not looking at having these this weekend of course, I was hoping someone might have one they could take a few pics and measurements of for me, working on a project to prep for this and need the actual physical dimensions, which are bloody impossible to find outside of the OAL it seems, and even that I am not sure where they are measuring exactly. Any help you guys and gals can give would be appreciated.

    As always, open to random thoughts and feedback too.


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    Well, I ended up getting one of the ACOGs I was looking at for too good a deal to walk away from... pics to come when I have a chance to breathe and get stuff out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma Nostra View Post
    Well, I ended up getting one of the ACOGs I was looking at for too good a deal to walk away from... pics to come when I have a chance to breathe and get stuff out...
    Nice! Looking forward to pics.
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    I've always wanted an ACOG, and while I've got some glass at least that expensive, I ended up leaving EOTech's for the same eyesight issues - for Aimpoints. One little dancing dot was easier to track, than all the little tiny dots that comprise the EOTech's holosight.

    DEEP in the urban cessmaze, and given the terrain of the same, I haven't been able to justify the longer range (and expense) of the ACOG over an Aimpoint. If I ever escape the city though, I'll get serious about an ACOG first, though.
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