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Thread: 180 series mini 14

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    Well I finally got around to getting some pictures of my 180. You guys will have to forgive me, I had to use my cell to take the pictures. There is a nice patina on the rifle and I hate to mess it up. I had thought about stripping it down and re blueing it but, it has some history and I don't want to be Bubba. My wife ordered me a sight and it fit great. Should I refinish this rifle or let her be? The internals are in great shape and it was carried more than shot. 51165131_1390992374376757_9045434681402589184_n.jpg 51051946_317232692250579_2752594314658840576_n.jpg51562035_331224977509928_5488972735478497280_n.jpg50976914_2333560886876261_6964091901968384000_n.jpg51048587_447627342441069_7002188261883904_n.jpg50229510_381105642686381_4963273411372515328_n.jpg51206965_803422823340611_2854535247465283584_n.jpg51424802_405593770013722_8872719709829595136_n.jpg

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    I think I would let it be as far as the finish is concerned. I would completely strip it down for a thorough clean and lube though.
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